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Kevin Gill Show ZIP UP! PM F'N A Hoodie ON SALE!!

Dignified Bastard, Inc

 This Item now comes with a SIGNED and Personalized KG 8x10 Photo!!!!

Premium Brand / Premium Weight ZIP UP hoodie with a screen printed Kevin Gill Show logo on the front, and a big PM F"N A on the back!  




Please Note: We don't make any money off SHIPPING. We Charge the legit shipping cost, straight up.  These Heavyweight hoodies can only be shipped PRIORITY MAIL and larger sizes weigh over 1.0 pounds so they must be shipped at the 2 lb package rate, which is $13.40 when shipped cross country in the US.  And $23.50 Overseas!!  


Depending on location, Your specific postage may work out to be less, especially if you are in a state thats closer to California than the East Coast Just pay the full price shipping, and I will refund the difference to reflect your actual shipping cost, the same day your product ships!!!


I will also throw in some random stickers free!!!


Also, you may want to make shipping costs less painful by getting a shirt or something else in addition to your hoodie,  as most items (Shirts, stickers, DVD's, Pins, Comic, Blu-Ray etc) will only slightly increase shipping cost or not at all… (PLEASE NOTE: This does not apply to 12" records because they come in their own separate record box ! Same thing with Posters)

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